The LGBT Center of Greater Cleveland

The LGBT Center of Greater Cleveland was founded in 1975. And is an important resource for Northeast Ohio’s LGBTQ community. This nonprofit organization has developed services and programs for those in need of care. The center is a welcoming space where people of all ages and backgrounds can find support and guidance. It also serves as a public face for the LGBTQ community. The following are some of its most important services: A safe space for all HIV/AIDS education.

The Center for LGBTQ Community Awareness is dedicated to providing services to all members of the community. With complete physical accessibility, flexible meeting rooms. And free public Wi-Fi, the Center for LGBTQ Community Awareness is a vital place for the GLBT community. This new center will also benefit the LGBTQ community through the improvements. And enhancements to its current services. This will help to sustain a vibrant Cleveland LGBTQ community.

The new LGBT Center is a wonderful addition to the area. It also houses the GEAR Foundation Records, Aubrey Wertheim Papers, and more. In fact, the new LGBT Center will be the city’s first public LGBTQ community space.

In 1975, the GEAR Foundation started meetings at the homes of members. Its first offices were located in two basements. The Center also published Ohio’s first gay newspaper, HIGH GEAR. In 1987, it moved to W. 29th St. and changed its name to Lesbian/Gay Community Service Center of Greater Cleveland.

The LGBT Community Center of Greater Cleveland is the center for the LGBT community in Northeast Ohio. Its mission is to promote equality in human rights and social justice for the LGBT community. They do this by working with other groups in the area.