Lesbian Sex Positions

While the best lesbian sex positions are meant to maximize the enjoyment of the partner, some positions can be uncomfortable. For instance, the little spoon position is intended to make the partner reach your legs and turn your back or stomach in an effort to touch her orgasm. However, it can be very sexy if the woman is a taller woman than the man. Here are a few examples of lesbian sex poses that are fun for both partners and will make you or your partner feel comfortable.

One of the most common lesbian sex positions is the scissors position. This involves spreading your legs and bending your clitoris. This allows you to move up and down at the same time, and may even make you or your partner feel like a robot. Although this position can be highly effective, it’s not for everyone. Try it out with your partner and see which one works best for you. If you are feeling adventurous, you can try a new sex position every day.

The classic cowgirl position involves straddling your partner and wrapping one leg over her little spoon. To make it more enjoyable, place your hand on her genitals. You can also try scissoring, skydiving, or acrobatics. To make this position even more pleasurable, try holding your partner’s legs in different positions while doing so. The resulting clitoral pressure is sure to be the ultimate sexual experience!

The sixty-nine position is one of the most common lesbian sex positions. It is a classic favorite and gives both partners maximum pleasure. In this position, one partner lies on top of the other’s back, while the other lies on top of it. The mouths can reach each other’s genitals with ease. Aside from the sixty-nine position, side-lying 69 is easier on the body and allows the hands to explore your partner’s body with your mouths.

The “Mousetrap” is a super advanced lesbian sex position. It is often performed by people who fold napkins in a “Crane,” a crane-like position. The goal of this position is to reach your partner’s vagina and have oral gratification while utilizing the other’s genitals. Aside from being super-exy, this position is fun and easy to do.