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I have 15 years of sales and management experience!


I am Randa Loyd, I am currently looking for a sales job in the cannabis market! I have 15 years of sales and management experience! I have my medical card and I am very familiar with the products! Looking for work in the Tulsa, Catoosa, Owasso, or Collinsville area.
Why omma is setting up testing facility’s. So test are more correct. I also thought it was dumb for a testing place to give false testing to make more money. The test cost is all the same for the most part. Growers that test there product themselves an lie are shitty growers and yes just trying to make more money. I’ve learned being a grower u get paid the least and u must have a passion for growing good product otherwise greed will take u over. I know of big growers that produce thousands of plants and only make small profits. Mainly cause they put more back into there growers then there pocket. Dispensary’s make the most off the products even when they pay for processing.
This new blog is an opportunity for me to share my experiences, my background and my thoughts.
See you soon !